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Students: $7 each* ($150 Minimum charge)
Teachers/Chaperones: 2 FREE adults per 30 students, $10 per additional chaperone


Duration: 90 minutes
Available on your schedule during the school year.

Where To Go

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Ready to revolutionize the way you learn history?

Our 90 minute Revolutionaries walking tour offers a unique, exhilarating perspective on early American history. Students will leave textbooks behind for the day to walk in the footsteps of historical revolutionaries from Cambridge, Massachusetts. They will share in the experiences of well known historical figures like the venerable John Adams or lesser known folks like the cunning (and clumsy) midnight rider William Dawes or the courageous and controversial Anne Hutchinson–all residents and rabble-rousers from Cambridge. Our tour spans many topics and decades, but in a fun and engaging manner, ensuring your students walk away with a new found excitement for history. Our guides show your students only the most exciting and historic sites in Harvard Square. Among the many sites on our tour are: the foundations of the first buildings at Harvard, the old burying ground housing dozens of Puritans, fallen heroes, and intellectuals, and the historic Cambridge Common where George Washington first took command during the American Revolution. More exciting than the buildings themselves however, the stories and tales hidden in the streets of Cambridge will capture students’ imaginations and help develop a lifelong appreciation of history.

*School group rate applies for groups of 15 or more. For smaller groups or for questions about financing your trip, please contact us.

Massachusetts Curriculum Standards

G5.6: Explain the early relationship of the English settlers to the indigenous peoples, or Indians, in North America, including the differing views on ownership or use of land and the conflicts between them (e.g., the Pequot and King Philip’s Wars in New England). (H, G, E)

G5.7: Identify some of the major leaders and groups responsible for the founding of the original colonies in North America. (H, C) D. Roger Williams in Rhode Island E. John Winthrop in Massachusetts

G5.12: Explain the causes of the establishment of slavery in North America. Describe the harsh conditions of the Middle Passage and slave life, and the responses of slaves to their condition. Describe the life of free African Americans in the colonies. (H, G, E, C)

G5.13: Identify the founders and the reasons for the establishment of educational institutions in the colonies (grammar schools and colleges such as Harvard)

G5.15: Explain the reasons for the French and Indian War, how it led to an overhaul of British imperial policy, and the colonial response to these policies. (H, C, E)

G5.17: Describe the major battles of the Revolution and explain the factors leading to American victory and British defeat. (H) A. Lexington and Concord (1775) B. Bunker Hill (1775) C. Saratoga (1777)

G5.19: Identify the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including its date, its primary author (John Adams), and the basic rights it gives to citizens of the Commonwealth. (C)