Ticket Info

**Please note: The costs listed here include your guide, but not admission to the museums. Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for students and seniors**

Tour guides are available for groups of 5-15 starting at $100/hour with a $150 minimum.

$115 Special tour rate for families and travelers in groups of 4 or less.

For groups of 20+ visitors, we typically charge $10 per person ($7 for students)

Bus and tour operators flat fee of $250.

To request a tour, please follow the link below!


Tours are available every day, although we highly recommend afternoon (to escape the school kids in the mornings), and discourage Sunday tours (again, to beat the huge crowds).

Where To Go

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is located at 26 Oxford Street in Cambridge, MA

Tour of Harvard Museum of Natural History

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is most famously home to the Glass Flowers. These exact replicas of worldwide botany are not so much flowers as brilliant works of glass art that have never been reproduced since the death of the creators, Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka.


The best part of the museum, however, may be in the other 13 galleries! Harvard owns one of the four remaining dodo specimen on earth. They have hundreds of thousands of rocks and minerals that look like crystalized fireworks. Touch a rock 4.6 billion years old, or get closer to a tiger’s face than you’ve ever been before. Throughout the hundreds of years of collectors, Harvard has amassed hundreds of extinct and endangered species, all stuffed long ago for your viewing pleasure!


You won’t get the stories we’ve found from the museum curation. This is a guide favorite tour, and sure to thrill, delight, and mystify. It’s also a great way to take a tour away from the heat of summer or cool of winter, as the building is both air conditioned and heated. To book, simply click the link above.