Ticket Info

Tour guides are available for groups of 5-15 starting at $100/hour with a $150 minimum.

$115 Special tour rate for families and travelers in groups of 4 or less.

For groups of 20+ visitors, we typically charge $10 per person ($7 for students)

Bus and tour operators flat fee of $250.

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The Innovations of Cambridge Tour is currently only available for group bookings on your schedule.

If you would like to book an Innovations Tour for your group, please follow the link below!

Where To Go

Start in Kendall Square by the T!

The Future is Today in Cambridge!

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Clad in top hats, we have introduced you to the eminent past surrounding Harvard Square. Now in lab coats, we invite to you to explore the history-makers in Kendall Square! We’ll take you on a time traveling journey through the “Innovations of Cambridge”.

Discover the bridge builders that shaped East Cambridge and watch inquiring minds at work unzipping the secrets of our genes. Walk in the shadow of the world’s most productive innovators, and see where MIT students have played gigantic games of Tetris, parked stolen cars at incredible heights, and still found time to invent both Guitar Hero and a biomechatronic foot. Plug yourself into the history being made every day on our Innovations Tour in Kendall Square. Just look for the guide in a Lab Coat!