Ticket Info

Tour guides are available for groups of 5-15 starting at $100/hour with a $150 minimum.

$115 Special tour rate for families and travelers in groups of 4 or less.

For groups of 20+ visitors, we typically charge $10 per person ($7 for students)

Bus and tour operators flat fee of $250.

To request a tour, please follow the link below!


Bookings for this tour are available EVERYDAY. Our tours including Harvard Yard are currently only available for group bookings before 5pm.

If you would like to book a Literary Cambridge Tour for your group, please follow the link below!

Where To Go

Gather in front of the Harvard Square COOP at 1400 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02138.

If your guides are in costume, they're hard to miss! Otherwise, please call the number provided upon booking.

Literary Cambridge

Book This Tour For Your Group!

Cambridge, home of our country’s oldest university, has long been a haven for intellectuals and writers.  Come stroll the streets that have inspired the writings of Anne Bradstreet and Julia Child, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and ee cummings.  On our Wednesday evening sunset strolls we’ll visit the homes and haunts of some of Cambridge’s great writers, hear their stories and perhaps become inspired, ourselves in the timeless tradition of this literary town.