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Bookings for this tour are available EVERYDAY. Click "Buy Tickets" for availability, and we'll do our best to give you your requested start time.

Tour guides available for groups of 5-20 starting at $100/hour with a $150 minimum. $115 Special tour rate for families and travelers in groups of 4 or less. Bus and tour operators flat fee of $250.

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Due to an increasing volume of visitors, Harvard University is now closing the Yard to tours after 5pm. We have, therefore, cancelled the rest of this season's public Sunset Strolls.

However!!! Our Sunset Strolls are still available to book for private groups any day of the week before 5pm! To book a tour for your group, please follow the link to the right.

Where To Go

Gather in front of the Harvard Square COOP at 1400 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02138. Look for your guides in top hats and hoop skirts. They're hard to miss!

Puritan Founders

Cambridge Massachusetts is older than the United States itself. Founded by Puritans and briefly the capital city of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Cambridge in the 17th century was much more than just black hats and buckles. Learn about the city’s early days with that ever impartial observer of the New England character, George Santayana, as he takes you back to a town marked by the most dramatic of characters, from idealists, scholars, and poets to heretics, fanatics, and regicides. You’ll see Harvard in its early days when it was known as “The School of the Prophets” all the way to the end of 1600’s and the stirrings of the enlightenment. Come along on our Saturday sunset stroll to learn about Cambridge’s place in that first tumultuous decade of the English colony.