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Thanks to everyone who supported us in our inaugural season. We could not be more thrilled about the lessons we learned this year, and our exciting plans for next year.

Although we are no longer running daily public tours of Harvard and Old Cambridge, Private Tours for groups, families, and schools are still available through the colder months. We also have our Pub Crawl, which is currently available on Tuesday and Sunday nights. Come join us for a few drinks, tons of stories, and the lovely heat of the indoors!

Also hopefully coming soon and INDOORS! will be a tour of Harvard’s Museum of Natural History. This is not a stop to be missed on your trip to Boston, and our guides will help you find the amazing treasures, labeled and kept secret, in the galleries of this incredible museum.

If you’d like to help, volunteer, or even become a tour guide, we’re using our off-season to build even more onto our fledgling company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here, and filling out our contact sheet. Thanks again for an incredible season. We’ll see you all again in the Square in April.

Daniel Berger-Jones and Chris Schultz

Company Core, Cambridge Historical Tours

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