“Ghostly Fun in Cambridge, MA”

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I’ve taken lots of tours since I moved to Boston… The Ghost Tour from Cambridge Historical Tours is by far the best one to date.  Our costumed guide interacted easily with our large & happy group, keeping us intrigued with spine-tingling tales of ghosts & hauntings that are tied one way or another to the area surrounding Harvard Square, including Harvard University…I barely noticed the time passing on the 90-minute tour… Cambridge Historical Tours also offers a historical tour and a pub crawl in the Harvard Square area. I haven’t taken either of those tours yet, but plan on taking the historical tour as soon as I can find a friend to join me.


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“Overall great experience”

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A group of friends and myself decided to do the Ghost Tour in Harvard Square on a Friday night, provided by Cambridge Historical Tours. Although it was quite chilly, it was a great time and we learned some great historical facts about Harvard Square! Scaley Pete was our guide and he was informative, entertaining, funny and managed to keep the whole group engaged and interested. I would highly recommend this tour as something to do for both the tourist and the folks who’ve lived in the area their whole lives!


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“A five out of five star rating!”

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I really enjoyed my tour of Old Cambridge with this company. Our guide, Junior, led through all the historical sites of Old Cambridge with much knowledge and much enthusiasm. We had different nationalities in our group and different people, but with his openness we all felt like we had known each other for a long time and we felt right at home. The tour was about an hour long and everything was within a comfortable walking distance. The day we took the tour was sunny and breezy and it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon activity for us all. We all left with the desire to learn more and take more of the tours that they offer, such as the Harvard Tour, the Ghost Tour, and others. Definitely a five out of five star rating!

-Luisa R.

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“Fun and historical!”

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…I had a lot of fun and did not even notice 2 hours fly by. I have been on several ghost tours, yet this one was definitely the most captivating. The guides are all dressed in character and very energetic / animated…Our tour guide was Kaitlin, or rather Mrs. Elizabeth Parkman. She was a vivid storyteller making each of her stories grasping. I also enjoyed how much real history I leaned on this tour… But I do not want to give to much away, so go take the tour yourself!


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“Wonderful way to tour Harvard”

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My wife and I ordered a haunted tour of Harvard via Living Social. Left at 7:30 for 1hr and 30 minute tour and really enjoyed ourselves. Got to see Harvard up close and personal on a beautiful night. Guide’s were energetic, entertaining and personable. The haunted part of Harvard exposed us to some fun stories that you might otherwise not ever hear about Harvard. Great October entertainment. Highly recommend.


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“Haunted Harvard is a not to be missed gem”

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Kathy was great (Mary Bean). She is animated, intense, fun and very entertaining. She has a gift for telling a fine story and it shows. This is a great way to spend 90 mintues on and off the Harvard Campus in the dark of night. The tales are all founded in historical fact (mostly) and there’s enough detail to give each story a spine tingling spin. Harvard is beautiful and even a bit eerie at night, and seeing this different side of the campus is a treat not to be missed. this is not a hokey fun house tour, there’s nobody jumping out at you, but for 12+ kids of all ages, we all had a blast. Park at Alewife and take the T in, eat at a famous burger place like Charlies or Mr. Barklays and meet at the Harvard coop accross from the harvard square t stop and tourist kiosk. You wont be sorry and its a great value too!

-carl r

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“Spooked In and Around Harvard Yard”

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Our guide Lauren and her persona Theresa Larson painted our private tour group an informative, thoughtful, and eerie canvas of Harvard Square past, several centuries ago. Twenty-one of us took the Haunted Harvard Ghost Tour on an almost-full-moon, 50-degree night, picture perfect for ghost stories and walking for 1 1/2 hours. Well worth the money. A great way to learn about and walk around Harvard Yard and its creepy past.

-Patty H

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“Haunted Tour Around Harvard Square”

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My fiancé and I went on a haunted tour in Cambridge on Sunday (10/7)… We were on Miss Mary Bean’s (Kathy’s) tour. She was a darling… Her stories were chilling, heartbreaking and even a bit amusing at times. However she told them all quite artfully. She is quite a story teller. Although a haunted tour, this was also a historical tour. We learned something! Nothing is worse than a campy tour. My fiancé and I enjoyed this tour as well as Miss Bean’s company.

-Christina K

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