Tour of the Freedom Trail

From $150 | 90 min | Discover the history of Boston!

About: From the Boston Tea Party to the Boston Massacre to the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Boston was undoubtedly the spark that lit the fire of Revolution in the


The phrases Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and New England Patriots should give away the fact that the Revolution started here. Walk through the amazingly well-preserved streets of Boston to reveal the sometimes hilarious, often intriguing, always entertaining history behind the city that spurned the founding of our Nation. Our guides can dress in Colonial garb, or just look nice to relate the tales of witch-hating Puritans, wine-gulping aristocrats, fiery speeches, and incredible tidbits of trivia, such as where Ho Chi Minh learned to bake, or how the Ponzi scheme got its name.

This tour will feature:
-The Boston Common
-The Massachusetts State House
-The Granary Burial Ground (Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams)
-King’s Chapel/King’s Chapel Burial Ground
-Old South Meeting House (where the Tea Party began)
-Boston Massacre Site/Old State House
-Faneuil Hall
-And more hidden secrets along the way


• Groups of 1-15 – $150 total
$10 per person more for groups any larger than 15.


• 90 minutes